The affected people have the opportunity to live at a stationary environment of the centre of transitional type and to use the services for rehabilitation and resocialization that we offer. The transition for starting working and living in the centre can be made in a really flexible way, step by step.
People with mental health problems who live in their own apartments or with their family members, have the opportunity to participate in our rehabilitation during the day in ambulatory conditions.
Our centre also offers free admission in our consulting room, counselling and various types of therapy for the clients, who need help in return of funding on their part.

Our services are oriented towards the individual needs of one person. The therapy is focused on the aim that the affected people can achieve independence of highest level, as well as participation in all aspects of life and teaching of all skills.

The centre has a therapeutic multi-professional team that works together with affected people on their individual needs and goals.


  • Identifying of the available resources
  • Development of strategies for solving problems
  • Development of perspectives
  • Development of partial aims within a comprehensible period of time.
  • Adherence to the recommended course of treatment
  • Training of basic skills for living in an own home, dealing with household and work
  • Building of social competencies
  • Order of the day
  • Organizing leisure time
  • Self-government
  • Preventive health care
  • Development of the quality of life
  • The centre has a multi-professional team for conducting cultural events, excursions and other recreational programs outside of the centre, which gives the clients the chance to be as close as possible to the real life with the aim to integrate.


Each team consists of the following professional groups:

  • Psychologists and psychotherapists
  • Social pedagogues
  • Workers in the field of nursing and health care
  • Ergotherapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Musical therapists
  • Therapist ‘Leisure time’
  • Specialists in Computer training


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