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Green valley is the first-ever sociopsychological private center of transitional type for rehabilitation and resocialization in Bulgaria.

The sociopsychological private centre of transitional type is located near the town of Kazanlak, in the area of Ovoshtnik, where favourable climate and beautiful nature can be found. Ovoshtnik area is located four kilometers southwest of Kazanlak town and it is rich in mineral springs. Kazanlak is the center of the Rose Valley and it is attractive tourist destination. The biggest and most well preserved Thracian tomb, which is included in the UNESCO list, can be found in the town, as well as the Museum of the Rose. The ancient city of Sevastopolis and the Valley of the Thracian kings are located nearby. The National Spa Resort in Pavel Banya town is also near.

The sociopsychological private centre offers social, psychological and therapeutic services for the clients of all regions of the country and for foreign clients with mental health problems, including eating disorders. The private centre offers help to the affected people in coping with their mental health problems, in order to acquire skills again that will enable them to orient towards their individual interests and needs for self-determination and independent life with participation of society. The centre is not connected to any political party, to any specific view of life or religion. It accepts cooperation with social organizations with public benefit. We are open to collaboration and sponsorship by non-governmental and social organizations.


The centre for rehabilitation and resocialization organizes cultural events, excursions and other recreational programs outside of the centre, which gives the clients the chance to be as close as possible to the real life with the aim to integrate.

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