Target group

We are competent in taking care of men and women with mental health problems who no longer need hospitalization, but due to the nature of their disorder they have greater need of rehabilitation and resocialization, but these type of care and services are not offered in any other place of the net for psychiatric services in the county.
Our offer is directed towards people with psychoses, neuroses and personal disorders, as well as those with severe stress reaction and adjustment disorders.
People who have not yet attained the age of eighteen are not accepted in the centre, as well as people with intellectual disabilities, people with disease, connected to severe addiction to psychoactive substances and people who need outside help, and the age limit of the clients is up to 45 years.

Procedure for clients` acceptance:

  • The procedure for acceptance includes preliminary interview after presenting of the current medical history, with the candidate (he or she) or eventually with the accompanying person or parents and the professional team of the centre that is competent in accepting clients. When biographical and professional development, and the current course of the disease are taken into consideration, the individual prerequisites for acceptance at the transition centre are being clarified.
  • The acceptance of the clients is carried out after the approval of multi-professional team of the centre.
  • The length of the stay depends on the personal needs and requirements of separate client, which are necessary for his or her rehabilitation and resocialization.
  • Financial relationships
  • The expenses for every client for providing him or her health care in the private transitional centre are personally undertaken by him or her.


  • One of the accents in our work is the prevention of mental disorders. Here you can find help in dealing with Your problems before they get worse and develop into a disease.
  • Another accent of the aims in our work with affected people is to develop and establish the most independent life possible at better quality and satisfaction. Learning how to create and structure the personal and social contacts and their strengthening. Preparation for integration into expedient living structure, which will allow the clients to continue with their working activity, education and to feel complete.
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